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Heidi Mark

My favorite part about being a Financial Consultant is getting to make a difference for the people we serve and their financial journeys.  I love standing with our clients turning setbacks into achievements and helping them find joy, fulfillment and peace.

I have a degree in Business Economics and Financial Accounting & Management; I enjoy combining the industry knowledge I’ve studied with the practical experience of helping real people reach their goals. 

I am process-oriented with a penchant for details. I help ensure all of the little but equally important tasks are covered and you are always taken care of. I believe in meeting each client with care and dedication because the smallest things can make a big difference.  

We know there are enough changes that come with life, some all at once, others little by little over time. We strive to be your team of trusted, consistent, and reliable financial advisors. 

We listen. 

We care. 

We plan.

We adapt. 

When material changes occur in the markets, or in the lives of our clients, our team is there to help you through times of adversity, uncertainty, excitement, and celebration. Whether you’re a business owner faced with an important decision, or your daughter recently received a diagnosis that no one anticipated, your situation matters to us. We meet you heart-to-heart as caring humans and as trusted advisors with data and modeling solutions to strategize to help achieve your goals. 

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially when we’re cheering on the Royals, Chiefs or watching college basketball games. I like traveling around the country to various hiking locations and I’m always up for reading a good book. When people all come together, we can have a big impact which is why I like supporting causes important to me, such as  the American Cancer Society and The Capper Foundation.